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How to be Far More Productive

Do you feel overwhelmed or like you're always failing?

I know what its like to feel like you're never good enough, or like if you could just get your overwhelm under control you'd be unstoppable.

The problem with this is that sometimes we're such high achievers that if we can't reach our goals immediately we give up.

I want you to see things another way. I want you to see how you can consistently make progress toward your goals regardless of how you feel.

1. Start with breaking down.

I don't mean have a nervous break-down silly! I mean take that goal of yours and break it into tiny, itsy-bitsy, bite-sized chunks.

Even if your goal is huge, like to buy a house, there are hundreds of tiny tasks and decisions to make before the actual purchase. Such as where will it be? what will it look like? What's your price range? What color? Garage or none? What's on the market right now? Who is your real estate agent? What kind of loans are available.... even if you're years off from actually buying you can start planning and preparing a little each day.

So take that goal and break it down into smaller, easier to accomplish tasks.

Now break those tasks down.

Now do it again!

I mean it. Make the bits so tiny you can do it in 5 minutes or less.

Now each day do 1 tiny task and CELEBRATE your accomplishment!

2. Let it go!

Not the idea of achieving your goal, but your expectations of the outcome! Expectations are the building blocks of feeling let down.

Learning to detach from your expectations of how others will, or should react, what you think will happen, how you should feel, will allow you to experience freedom like never before.

If you stop and check in with yourself next time you're holding on to expectations you'll probably realize you're basing your ability to feel happiness or joy off of something that you WANT to control but is actually totally out of your control.

So, let go of those expectations, and trust that you'll handle whatever comes your way. You'll experience more peace and open yourself to enjoying new experiences,

Watch the video below to learn even more about how you can be more productive and enjoy your life more by getting in The Zone!


Did you like this advice? Agree or disagree leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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