Are you ready to finally feel empowered to go after what makes your heart sing? Get ready to thrive in life, love, and business!

Hi! I'm Mariah.

I'm an empowerment coach for people who feel like there has got to be more to life.

For too long people have been wandering through life, stumbling upon love, or success, but still, feeling like something is off.

I'm here to help you find the direction you seek and start living in ease and flow instead of stress and overwhelm.

Just imagine being able to strip away all the circumstances, all the layers of limiting beliefs you've developed over time, and all the self-judgment to reveal your truest self, full of love, joy, and playful excitement for life.


My clients transform in so many beautiful ways. They've done mind-blowingly incredible things like healing from eating disorders and reaching their goal weight in a matter of weeks, starting businesses, graduating magna cum laude after being homeless and mentally ill, stoping their panic attacks dead in their tracks, and start families. I've helped people discover the source of what's holding them back, then clear it, allowing them to feel confident enough to step into the truest version of themselves.


I've got 12 years of experience helping people transform, and time after time I've seen that the number one thing that determines their success is their mindset.


My story starts way back in the beginning. From the time I could talk I always wanted to know how and why things worked. From my interest in Ancient Egypt and the beginnings of civilization to Oceanography and studying the spark of life on this planet, I've always wanted to trace everything back to the very beginning.


Taking that same curiosity and diving into personal development I've discovered that we humans have had it all figured out for quite some time but for some reason we resist applying this knowledge.


Through my study of ancient and modern texts I learned how to apply the principles of the Kybalion, A Course in Miracles, The Bible, and Hermetic principles in a way that opened doors to a world that I could only ever dream of. I realized that I could create my own reality – and so can you!


I transformed myself from an out of shape couch potato into a world champion bodybuilder. I manifested an award-winning career in Hollywood with a single email. I have helped countless others start embracing their personal power and experiencing freedom on a whole new level. All those things started with one thing - the belief, knowing, and confidence to know I could do it.


Today I live my purpose by creating feelings of freedom and personal power for myself and sharing that with my clients, and as many other people as I can.


If you are ready to strip away all the BS that's keeping you successful but unhappy, or longing for more out of life, or if you're just ready to free yourself from the prison of negativity you see all around you, then I encourage you to head over HERE and check out what I have to offer (and don't worry you're not going to be opening a can of worms, the deeper you go to the root of your struggles the simpler they become to resolve. You just have to be willing to go deep)

Before you go, check out what this client says about my services and peep these sweet pics from my adventures in life and my career as a Hollywood Makeup Artist.


“Because of Mariah's coaching, I've completely changed my paradigm. I've left behind resentment, learned to trust my intuition, learned to set healthy boundaries with loved ones & coworkers, eliminated many limiting beliefs and am in the process of realizing my lifelong dream. Mariah has taught me that I can love my life as it is right now and there's always room to grow. "

-M. Wilcox


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Coaching is not designed to be an alternative to therapy or other medical treatments. . For more information on coaching, therapy and treatment options click here.