About Mariah


Think of all the times you've said "I wish I could..." or, "I should have..." Now think what it would feel like if instead of all the shoulda's and coulda's your life is filled with doing, being, and experiencing.

I spent most of my life miserable. I bounced around dead-end jobs and wasted years in abusive relationships that got me nothing but hard-earned life lessons and a lot of regrets. I constantly felt stuck. Trapped. Like a total failure.

After my last failed career attempt and narcissistic relationship ended, I finally decided I had had enough. Something needed to change and I was going to make my dreams a reality NO. MATTER. WHAT. It was time for me to live my life FOR ME.

I launched a new business making gorgeous sparkling bikinis for bodybuilding competitors (check them out HERE) and took off on the adventure of a lifetime! I always wanted to travel, and instead of waiting for an opportunity to present itself, I created my own.

I got a job at a coffee shop (while still working on my bikini business), saved every penny I could, and bought a van. I spent every spare moment of the next 3 months building it out and as soon as it was done I sold my motorcycle, returned my car lease, and hit the road!

I got rid of almost everything I owned, and although I don't have all the luxuries I used to enjoy before starting vanlife I wouldn't change this experience for the world! I'm not sure how, but leaving my home and job has made me feel more safe, supported, and connected than I ever have in my life. I guess when you follow your desires and operate with the belief that this is what I am supposed to do, the universe will conspire to help you make your dream a reality.

I've totally embraced that I am here on this earth to live my life to the fullest and help everyone I encounter feel their best whether it's through sparkly bikinis or helping people transform their lives through coaching.