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My 2020 Year End Review || And Big News!

With so many people having their lives totally turned upside down this year (including mine!) I thought now was a good time to do a little year-end reflecting.

Here is what I did in 2020:

1. Launched Borealis Bikinis in January and have been building that business creating incredibly sparkly bikinis for bodybuilding ladies! 2. Started a Podcast (Through the Fire: Escaping and Healing from Abuse) As well as a Facebook group to offer support for women who have been in, or are still struggling with abuse. 3. Launched a free coaching program with Lindsay Osier called Total Life Revamp where you can learn about how to heal your life and get back on track (who couldn't benefit from this right now?!) 4. Competed in 2 bodybuilding competitions winning one and getting 4th in the second (yes I prepped through all the lockdowns, breakup, moving, etc) 5. Did my part to help get this virus under control by enrolling in a clinical trial for a vaccine (your opinions on whether its safe, or a conspiracy or whatever are valid. What you choose to do is up

to you, but without people like me, we'll never know if it is safe or not so I chose to potentially risk my safety for the good of the world. I have known too many people who have suffered from this disease and I figured if I had to suffer for nothing or potentially suffer for the greater good, I'd take the latter.)

That's all nice but one thing I also did this year was to start working on separating my value and self-worth from the accolades. That means that while the accomplishments may be impressive to some, it is far more important that I:

1. Left a harmful situation and took a leap of faith into the unknown in an attempt to better myself and my life 2. I released my attachment to receiving something in exchange for my services and started giving more freely (my time, my efforts, and my energy directed toward helping others heal) 3. I faced my own codependent behaviors head-on after my break up and took a hard look at my patterns, my shortcomings, and how I can start to move toward a healthier perspective and make safer choices for myself. 4. I realized that all of this healing work is an ongoing process and none of it will be "done" soon. There is always progress to be made and as long as I can keep moving forward each day then I am doing enough.

Overall 2020 has been said to be the year where time stood still for many and sped way up for others, but as much as I would like the world to go back to how it was last year, when I look at all that happened this year I realize it was just another year with its own challenges and triumphs. I learned a lot about myself (and others!!) and a situation that magnifies everything makes finding clarity much easier.

So here is to 2021. Here is to following your own path. Here is to new adventures. Here is to saying FUUUUCK what everyone else thinks and embarking on my own journey. I'll still make bikinis from the road. I'll still be helping people transform through my coaching services, and I'll still be helping people heal from abuse... I'll just be doing it from a different place each week.

This is an introduction to my new van (name ideas appreciated) how Frankie reacted to it, and more of my story about why I am choosing this. I hope you enjoy it, I'll be putting my adventures up there from time to time so make sure to subscribe!

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