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How to be Beautiful

As a professional makeup artist for 10+ years before launching my coaching business, I'd say I  know a thing or two about beauty, and I wanted to share some of what I know to be true.

There are 2 kinds of beauty, inner and outer.

Outer beauty is what most of us think about when we hear the word "beauty" - it's the hair, makeup, the shape of your face and body, the clothes you wear, all the things that you can change.

Inner beauty is so much more. Inner beauty is confidence, kindness, compassion, positivity and so much more!

Believe it or not, the most effective way to increase your outer beauty is to work on your inner!

We know from the Universal Law of Cause and Effect that our external world is just a reflection of what is going on inside of us. Our thoughts, feelings, and vibrations are the cause and our outer world, or what we see, is the effect of those things.

Using makeup, hair, clothes, or other means of changing your appearance can be amazing tools for helping us get into the energy and flow of beauty, but shouldn't be relied upon for generating the feelings we desire. Tools such as meditation, affirmations, visualization and more are also great ways of helping us shift our inner world so that our outer world reflects who we truly feel we are on the inside.

The problem with these tools arises when we rely on the tool to change our inner world. Ever hear that plastic surgery is addicting? Or hear someone refer to themselves as a makeup addict? These are all examples of people holding the belief that they will be beautiful when XYZ happens, or that they will finally be happy and love themselves if this one external thing is shifted. Once they make the change they realize they aren't happy at all. But, having not done the inner work they decide that another external change is all they need to feel different, so they change something else, feel the same, and a cycle develops.

The TRUTH is that we must change on the inside first. No amount of searching, or changing, or "when ___ happens, THEN..." is going to give you the feelings of joy, happiness, acceptance or love you are craving. Becoming beautiful in an inside job.

When you learn to generate feelings of beauty on the inside first, then using beauty tools such as makeup becomes fun, exciting, and playful, instead of a desperate need.

The secret to becoming beautiful is to feel it first. learn to generate feelings of self-love, compassion and caring.

Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. People who support your goals and mission, who make it easy for you to live in an energy of gratitude, ease, flow, and love. When you feel beautiful others will pick up on that energy and reflect it back to you.

That's why I've created Body. Beauty. Badass. To have a space for women to get the love, support, and guidance they need to be able to be their truly amazing selves.

It is the most powerful container for you to shift, learn, grow and let you inner light shine. You'll learn how to shift your energy, beliefs, and vibration so that you can feel beautiful every day.

Body Beauty Badass begins on June 10. There are only 10 spots available. You can reserve yours by replying to this email. Learn more at


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