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Dear Perfectionists

Dear Perfectionists,

You don't have to be perfect. I know that it seems like you do. But the truth is, you don't.

You deserve to have all the things you want. You deserve to have all your needs met. You deserve to be wildly happy and fulfilled, not because you're so amazing, or so much better than your competitors, but because you're a divine being here on this earth, created in the image of our creator. In short, you deserve it just because you do.

If you're filled with the same stuff that our creator is, that the trees are, that all the animals on our planet are, that the moon and stars are, why would those things all be worthy and deserving and not you?

There is nothing in you that is flawed, damaged, or not enough. You are enough just as you are, just because you are.

There is no need to outdo anyone else to prove your worth. There is no need to be perfect to justify your existence. There is no need to scrutinize your every move.

There is no need for suffering, doubting, or feeling less than anyone or anything else.

When it comes down to it we are all the same. We are all pure energy in a meat suit playing make-believe in this world we've created in our mind. That means you can create whatever experience you choose while you're here.

If you like it, do it more. If you don't like the way things are, change them. This life, your world, your experiences, they are all your creation and that means you have the power to create something new if you desire.

It also means that no one's story is less than anyone else's. Nobody is even capable of being more or less worthy than someone else, so stop telling yourself that, it's so unhelpful.

You're enough. You're more than enough. You're perfect. You are perfect just as you are, so stop trying so hard and start celebrating.

Embrace your imperfections (unique qualities) and love your mistakes (learning experiences) start having fun, that's what this whole beautiful ride is all about.

I love you.




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