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Get Your Shit Together Mini-Course
Available now!

Are you a woman who has a badass inside dying to get out, but stress and confusion are holding you back? 


Are you waking up feeling tired and overwhelmed?


Do you want to feel better but never quite seem to make the progress you desire in your health,  energy, and routines?


Are you ready to figure out how to plan your day so you can get shit done, and feel amazing doing it?

If so, You need this.
How often do you say things like, “I hav

The Get Your Shit Together mini-course was designed to:

Help you learn to properly fuel your body so that you can have more energy, think more clearly, and look your best.


Teach you to overcome shit that's holding you back once and for all!


Help you create healthy habits that will make your entire life easier and more enjoyable


Show you that you have the power to create a healthy, happy life forever.

So you've set a new year's resolution an

If you are ready to:

  • Feel better: Have more energy, eat better, be more positive, and be motivated to reach your goals

  • Have some direction in your life: Start the day knowing exactly what to do in order to make progress toward your goals

  • Make the rest of your life easier: Fueling your body properly helps the other things run smoother. Tackle the tough stuff so it becomes easy and effortless in the future

  • Wake up and start your day with ease and flow instead of overwhelm: Create a morning routine that will make you feel excited to wake up

  • Learn how to make all this stuff stick: Make these changes last forever

  • What to do when you fall off the wagon and end up stressed again: Learn the secret to overcoming relapses and slipping back into old patterns. 

mariah aurora

This course could change your life

If you're ready to leave the confused, overwhelmed unhealthy woman you currently are behind and step into a new identity where you have confidence, certainty, and energy like never before then this video bundle is for you.


You deserve this! You deserve to have the body, the energy, and the strategy to live your life to the fullest! You can do it. 

-Mariah Aurora
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In this course we will cover:


  • Video 1: Growth Vs Fixed Mindset ($149 value)

  • Video 2: Creating your Morning Routine ($149 value)

  • Video 3: Fuel your transformation and heal your mind ($149 value)

  • Video 4: Make it a Practice/creating habits ($199 value)

  • Video 5: Overcome Challenges BEFORE They Arise ($149 value)

  • Video 6: How to Handle Relapses and Slip-Ups ($249 value)​

  • BONUS 1:  Meditation: Connect to Your Intuition and Trust Your Gut ($99 value)

  • BONUS 2: Nutrition and Meal Prep Hacks ($149 value)

That's a value of $1292!

Each of these videos:
  • Is between 33 and 76 minutes in Length


  • Cover a mixture of strategy and mindset needed to achieve your goals


  • Have the power to change your life all on their own, and only become more powerful when combined with the others


  • Contain countless golden nuggets of wisdom


  • As well as Q&A from participants when recorded live

Let's be honest, This isn't really a "mini-course" It's a full-blown course. Nowhere will anyone offer you a 7 part training and call it "mini." 


And as a bonus to the 7 part training, I'm also giving you access to my meditation designed to help you learn to trust your gut, connect with your intuition and follow divine guidance.


Do you ever get a lump in your throat? Feel queasy in stressful situations?  Have a tightness between your chest and stomach? 


Do you want to know what the heck that feeling means and how to make it go away??


This bonus meditation will help you learn what is going on with your body.  What it's trying to tell you, and how you can learn to listen to it, so that awful feeling goes away!


After this short exercise, you'll be able to "trust your gut" and tap into your intuition, some people call it God talking to you. Whatever you believe helps you know what the right thing to do is, this meditation is going to clarify that message so you can get on with your life knowing for certain you're on the right path.

Knowing what you're supposed to do to be healthy and actually implementing some strategies to make it happen are very different! 

Most of us know what we are supposed to do to fuel our bodies properly (you will after video #3) but how in the world do we find the time to make it happen?!

In this powerful bonus, I explain the basics of what you need to do in order to fuel your body with what it needs to function at peak performance as well as share some of my top hacks to help you get (and stay) on track.ion

As a professional bodybuilder I know exactly how

What are people saying?


Lindsay O.

"Thank you for having this program available. My life has changed completely. My Job situation, my house situation, and my whole mental situation has all shifted. 100% recommended by me."


Brenda P

"You are doing God's work. And I'm blessed to know you. When I share my testimony I always let people know about the mindset challenge that returned the hope that I had lost. Bless you, Mariah. Keep doing what you're doing because you're changing so many lives.'


M Wilcox

"OMG, I'm having so many 'ah-ha' moments! Mariah has been saying it's important to have a morning routine but I HATE routine. Nevertheless, I started one and my growth has literally exploded!"

2018-10-20 05.35.17.jpg

Hello! In case we haven’t met yet,


I’m Mariah Aurora


I’m an Empowerment and mindset coach.

Through my online courses, private coaching, and rejuvenating retreats, I show motivated people

how to banish limiting beliefs, establish productive habits and tap into the power of the Universe

to manifest the life they’ve been dreaming of.


I’m not just any life coach.


I don’t engage in the pep-rally approach that gets you fired up only to lose steam a few days later.

I’m not a drill sergeant that will use harsh judgments to motivate you.

I don’t believe one size fits all or that there’s only one path to life satisfaction.


I’m a heart-centered coach.


My central mission is to offer the tools, support, accountability, and community

that motivated people need to crest that final rise between them and the joy, excitement,

and fulfillment they desire.


Why am I doing this?


Why did I sideline my successful career as a Hollywood makeup artist to do this? It’s about meaningful work.  You know, that stuff most people wish they could do every day instead of what they’re doing now.

Well, I woke up one day and realized it was not enough for me to just make money.

I want to make a difference.


And now that’s what I do every day for my ten thousand+ followers.


One way I do that is by having a specific life strategy for myself and showing my clients how to build one that works for them. All the theory and feel-good motivation in the world is useless without practical daily actions that will streamline all major areas of your life.


Don’t get me wrong. Learning this stuff is challenging. But what’s life without a challenge?


The key is to get to a place where you get to choose your challenges (like extreme sports)

instead of them choosing YOU (like problems at work or "bad luck"). This is where I come in. When it comes to unchosen challenges, I’ve been there. I have the experience to know what you’re dealing with,

and the experience of climbing out of each hole to stand on the summit in triumph.


Childhood abuse, poverty, suicidal depression, and sexual assault all chose me.

But I chose to leave them all behind and live life on my own terms.


And so can you. I’m here to show you how I did it.


And with your full cooperation and commitment, you will do it too.

With a combination of committed participation and full accountability,

you will rise above your unchosen challenges and start choosing your own path.


Let’s get started!

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There is a total of over 6 hours of content in this course!
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©2019 by Mariah Aurora Mindset Coach. All Rights Reverved

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