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Get ready to live the extraordinary life you've always dreamed of.

Are you ready to leave your down and depressed mood behind once and for all?


You are struggling to learn how to overcome feelings that are holding you back. You push to get through good days, and on bad days you can't find the motivation to even try.


Together we will create a plan of action that will help you learn how to turn around bad situations and shift your perspective so that obstacles and challenges aren't overwhelming. You'll learn how to minimize bad days and maximize good times.


Do you:

  • Let your past hold you back

  • Question your reality or your feelings

  • Feel lost or stuck

  • Know that you were meant for something more, but can't figure out how to get there

  • Feel like an impostor, or if people really knew you they wouldn't like you

  • Struggle to get in touch with your intuition or take action on your gut feelings

  • Feel totally out of control

  • Struggle to focus, even on simple tasks

  • Feel like you’re constantly letting your friends and family down


If this sounds like you, you're not alone! Many people struggle with depression either short-term or chronically. They desperately want to end feelings of sorrow and despair but have no idea where to start.


Imagine what your life would be like if you woke up each morning with purpose and passion. You moved through your day with ease and when obstacles popped up you effortlessly handled them and moved onto the next task.

  • What if you could finally feel OK just being you?

  • What if you were able to create feelings of happiness and joy on command?

  • What if you could banish your fear of being alone?

  • What if you had the confidence you need to show up powerfully for yourself and your family?

  • What if you could learn the exact tools needed to overcome depression once and for all?



You know that depression is holding you back from being who you want to be, and living the life you desire. You want to learn the secrets to a happy life and finally feel like you are worthy and deserving of joy and success. You've been trying to pull yourself out of this rut, maybe even sought therapy or other help, but just can't manage to maintain any kind of results.


That's where I come in.


My unique coaching style can help you transform your life, moving from a place of hopelessness to feeling intense joy and gratitude to be alive!


You will learn how to trust yourself, and take care of yourself in ways that will benefit everyone around you.


You will learn:

  • How to get past your past and not let old feelings continue to control your life

  • Decide how you want your life to look and feel so you can start creating massive positive change

  • Create new healthy habits of happiness and learn to apply them to your daily life

  • The exact formula I used to get myself – and my clients – out of depression and into a life they love





Here’s how Rise & Shine works:


Get prepared: Before we design your plan of action you'll tell me about your current situation. You'll get clear on what's led you to feel the way you feel, how long it has been going on, what you've tried to overcome it so far, and what is holding you back. This is a judgment-free exercise where you get the opportunity to be truly honest with yourself about your feelings, fears, and desires, perhaps for the first time!

Dive right in: Once the signup process is complete, and we have our initial call, you'll gain access to my online course offering over 37 hours of video training, teaching you all the secrets to overcoming obstacles, shifting your mindset, and building your mental toolkit that you can use any time difficulties come your way.


Rise & Shine is a 12-week course where you work at your own pace in order to fully absorb the information you'll be learning. Each section has an assignment for you to learn how to apply the tools you just learned, and a short exercise to make sure you've got the key points down.


Accountability: Each week you get to join our community of people on a similar journey in our closed Facebook group full of current members and alumni where you can ask for help, get feedback, and share your triumphs and struggles, and get answers to any questions you have from the online content.


After the program: You'll have the opportunity to get on the phone for a private one-on-one call where you will review the progress you've made and celebrate how far you've come. We'll create an action plan for after the program, and discuss your options on what to do next.


You should NOT apply if you:

  • Are comfortable in your misery

  • Enjoy people feeling sorry for you

  • Feed off negative energy

  • Aren't willing to show up powerfully for yourself

Rise & Shine is a unique online course that is focused entirely on helping you create a life you love. It’s all about your happiness, your purpose, and your progress.


The goal is to help you overcome your down and depressed mood once and for all and learn how to create new habits of happiness so you can wake up excited to start each day.


Once you complete the Rise & Shine program you'll have all the tools you need to pull yourself out of a funk and start living the life you've always dreamed of.


Apply today.



What's next?


Fill out the application form and I'll get in touch within 48 hours to schedule your free Introductory Coaching Session.


Still have questions? You can email me here!


Let’s get started!


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"Your program helped me in ways I didn't realize I needed help. The information and theory was a welcome oasis in the desert of ordinary thought. Thank you so much for doing this, Mariah!"

-Nico G

This program shows you a clear picture of who you are, and then provides the tools to help transform you into the greatest version you can be!

-Mark L


Who Should Apply

Women ready to see real results

Are you struggling in your personal or business life? You KNOW that you have what it takes to succeed but aren't getting the results you deserve? A shift in your mindset could be all you need to transform your career satisfaction.

Women Seeking Personal Growth

Have you recently discovered the personal development world? Are you intrigued but unsure of how it can actually help you? This program will provide you all the basics, and a few advanced techniques, to help you learn exactly what you need to do to master your mindset and start living a life of fulfillment and joy.

Women looking to improve their life satisfaction

Do you find yourself questioning whether you're doing the right thing often? Do you feel like there might be more for you out there? This course teaches you how to get in touch with your intuition so that you never have FOMO (fear of missing out), and can be satisfied with the choices you make.

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